There’s a new guy around here!

Well…. Talk about excitement! There’s a new guy around here! He’s been here  since Monday, a human dude – and he’s not a Vet! They call him “Matthew” and he’s going to be working around here this summer. Matthew is a University Student from Ottawa. I predict he’s in for the summer of a lifetime here on our little farm on our little Island….

You can tell a lot about a person by how they milk a goat so his first test job was milking. The girls each tried a different trick to unnerve him! Yagi, especially, was determined to out-stubborn him but Matthew’s gentle persistence won out. The girls were pretty impressed with his first attempt and I was more than impressed. He’ll be a Master Goat Milker in no time.


Once he passed the milking test finished the milking, he was off for more “on the job training”. He’s proving to be a multi talented lad and I spotted him later in the day in the Shop. I heard he was pretty quick at learning the ropes in there too!


Now that the summer staff are starting to appear in the barn and all those different licence plates are showing up in our new parking lot, surely summer can’t be too far behind?! Next time I hope I’m reporting hot sunny weather…

until then,

Head Goat!

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