48 hour Name Tulip’s Kid Contest


We ladies in the barn had so much fun going through the names & reasons in naming Angel’s twins that I wanted to play too.

I’m Tulip and my son is now the only kid here without a real name. The humans have been calling him “C”. Now I ask you, what kind of name is that for such a fine young kid?!

Like Yagi, I’m a Toggenburg goat. Yagi is shaggy, I have shorter hair. She understands  Japanese, I’m more into Dutch.

Like all the other kids, my boy’s Daddy is Sparky, the Alpine buck.

Here’s our boy just after he was born on Tuesday, June 7th, just before 8:30am.

Have you ever seen such cuteness?? Here’s some more recent shots.


He needs a name that starts with the letter “C” and befits the beautiful kid that he is. We love reading the reasons why you’re suggesting the names you are so include that too.

As with Angel’s boys, we ladies in the barn will go over all your names & reasons and pick either the name we like best or the name with the best reason behind it, we’ll just see how it goes. We’ll again offer fame by announcing who they submitted the chosen name (as will the humans on Facebook & Twitter etc) and along with the honour of naming my kid, We’ll get a photo of the two of you together if you drop out to visit (just give us a heads up that you’re coming). And, if you have a lonely horse or are a 4H family or just want a lovely (fixed) boy goat, we’ll give you first dibs at adopting the kid you name when they’re old enough to leave our farm!

Have fun (we sure are) and thanks for joining in. Once again we’ll have a 48 hour deadline so you have until 4pm Eastern time on Tuesday June 28th. Submit your names that start with the letter “C” in the comments below or over on the human’s Facebook Page.

Dank je wel

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11 Responses to 48 hour Name Tulip’s Kid Contest

  1. Charlene says:


    He looks a little like Colin Ferrel the actor

  2. Kate Kochmer says:

    The one with the blue towel around it’s neck should be called Hef…lol looks like Hugh Heffner

  3. “Cosmo”-
    Moms name is a flower, Cosmo’s are a beautiful flowering plant.

  4. Louise Bird says:

    Why don’t you call him Camelot as he looks like royalty

  5. floweredangel says:

    I like Caesar.

    The last picture makes him look kind of regal.

  6. He’s going to be a leader – Let’s call him ‘Churchill’

  7. Janice MacLean says:

    In Gaelic, the name Cunningham means- Village that has a milk pail.. So, I suggest Cunningham 🙂

  8. Cathleen MacKinnon says:


  9. He looks like Clancy to me.

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