Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day!

These 3 huge flags fly between the road and the parking area next to our barn. You can’t miss us if you’re driving down the Portage Road between Brackley Beach and Oyster Bed Bridge! We hope they’re noticed by The Royal couple, Will & Kate, when they fly over in a helicopter on their way from Dalvay By The Sea to Summerside on Monday. We’ll all be looking up,  watching for them!

Every month, over on the human’s Facebook Page, they run a photo contest. This month, in celebration of the Day, the Royal visit of Will & Kate to Prince Edward Island, and this wonderful place we live, the theme is “Canada” The rules go like this:

Post your photos depicting “Canada” to our Facebook wall.
If you’ve never been to Canada, submit your photo of something that makes you think of Canada – maybe a Maple tree or your copy of “Anne of Green Gables”, a potato or maybe an ice cube…
If you’ve been to Canada you probably have a great photo or two.
If you live here, let’s show everyone the beauty and diversity of Canada, coast to coast to coast.
Submit as many pictures as you like!
The photo with the most “Likes” wins!!
Contest ends July 31st 2011
The prize: A muffin of our Red Clay Maple Specialty Soap. This soap, scented with real Maple Syrup, lathers luxuriously while the added Red Clay draws impurities from your skin.
Red Clay Maple Specialty Soap

How Canadian Eh?!

Have a wonderful day!


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