Ellie, Athena Kate & Diana Pippa – A Royal Day!

My goodness gracious the excitement around here today!

We were all hoping against hope all day that the Royal Couple would drop by. Rosemary especially had tried everything to get to see them. Last night she was caught with a fake press pass and had the human social media guru trying to get her on the media bus.

Well, the Duke & Duchess never did show but there was one new human around here; Ellie, the 3rd and final summer student. Ellie is from Ontario but is going to University in British Columbia. She joins Matthew and Jessie here for the summer.

They started her out easy, feeding the kids and doing some barn work…

EllieLittle did she know what was coming! It seems Clover had been planning a special surprise, timed to coincide with a possible visit from Royalty. The Royalty didn’t arrive but Clover’s surprise did – Twin girls, born shortly before William & Kate flew over in their helicopter en route from Dalvay to Summerside!

Our Goat Soap Gazette members had already selected names for these girls but to honour the Duchess, we gave them second names as well. As Head Goat it is my honour to introduce you to Clover’s kids, “Athena Kate” (the 1st born white one) and “Diana Pippa” !

“Athena is the goddess of wisdom, civilization, warfare, strength,
strategy, female arts, crafts, justice and skill.”

Diana was the goddess of the hunt and moon, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and has the power to talk to and control animals”

(More Kid photos HERE on Facebook)

Ellie got her fill of “firsts” today – first time attending a birth, first time being so close to Royalty (the humans took the newborn kids outside the barn in their arms and waved at the helicopter).

EllieanddianaIt was the first kidding for Matthew & Jessie too. It was the first Royal sighting for all of us goats. Rosemary is crushed that she didn’t get to meet the Prince but she is enjoying the notoriety she and her fascinator are getting. She’ll get over it….

It was indeed a Royal day!

until next time….

Head Goat

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