Vacation is over! ~ sigh ~


Did you think we’d never come back from vacation? Well, let me tell you dearies, it is with great reluctance that Ginger, Prince, the white ladies and I are back from our beautiful water view resort!

August was a beautiful month on PEI. The spring and early summer rain made for a very lush green Island when Mother Nature finally turned the heat up in August. We had very little time for writing poetry – much more time was spent sunbathing, or playing Goat Games. You see, our Resort featured the latest in Goat Resort features – a combination salad bar / games tree!                                                                                                                                                                   It’s base is used for “home” for our games of hide-and-seek. The salad bar on the branches provide a daily workout just getting to them. We like to alternate between Yoga (More “Upward Goat” than “Downward Dog” but flexibility, balance and a good stretch will earn a goat many leaves!), Belly dancing (sadly no bright, glittery belts supplied) and some good old running & jumping. The real fun though is when we manage to knock one of those apples off the tree – then the games begin! Goat soccer, goat rugby, goat basketball, goat bocce ball and of course goat ball hockey!

Meanwhile, up at the barn, Matthew was teaching the Kids the Goat Fitness basics. Here he is teaching Athena the Upward Goat

And here he is teaching Athena’s twin Diana the “run – hop-on-Matt – balance” routine.

I only wish I had some video or photos of Prince doing gymnastics at the Resort! Even I will admit that his front rolls (through his food dish!) were very impressive. If his horns weren’t so nice and round I’m sure he’d be doing headstands by now! (Keep trying Prince, you’ll get it!)

So… what did we come back to? Well, there’s the nice new walkway into the shop:

There are two, new, Island stone rimmed, gardens by the washroom end of the Production Building to go with the UFO Landing Pad big round garden in the middle of the parking area.

The human’s house is looking more permanent. There’s still workermen working on it and the humans are still in the cabin but not for too much longer.

The Shop got some fresh white paint on the outside and our barn got some fresh white paint on the inside.

However, it must be pointed out that there is still *no* photo of me on the wall! Bad enough being brought home from our vacation paradise but to not have my photo awaiting my return is almost unforgivable!

The kids sure are growing! The kids are no longer being bottle fed but they will eat grain out of your hand. Look at that sweet little Diana, Rosemary has been giving her modeling tips!

On Tuesday Cosmo and Domino went to live on a new farm. We’re all going to miss them around here. This nice human even let them ride there in the back seat of his car!

Hope you have fun at your new home kids!

Now here’s another new thing I discovered, down at the end of the path by the woods:

Hmm… now I wonder what the humans have in mind for that! Guess we’ll soon see….

The other obvious change around here is the lack of “summer humans“. Matthew and Jessie have both gone back to University and Sarah’s last day is tomorrow. We really liked having them around this summer and, from what I’ve heard, so did all the humans: the ones who live and work here and all the ones, from near and far, who came to visit us and the Soap Shop. Have a great year you three! Come back and visit as often as you can (and bring treats!) We’ll put a good word in with the boss if you want to come back next summer!




Apparently they all had a very, very busy summer while we were on vacation. The bigger parking area attracted more vehicles than ever before and the big circular drive and bus/RV parking spot meant bigger and bigger vehicles pulled in to visit. Many cyclists were attracted to Katie’s Fresh Lemonaid and stopped in for a refreshing drink on their way by.

The Mamas, who were here in the barn, tell me humans filled the Shop day after day, and the barn and yard were crawling with humans all summer.  They really loved all the attention they got this summer! The Mamas are quite proud to be producing the milk now that Conor is making soap with.

Well, it’s another beautiful day so I’m off to sunbathe in the yard. Hope your summer was  as much fun as ours and hope you’re enjoying September as much as we are. I’ll be talking with you all again soon

Until then,

Head Goat

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